March Events 3.2

The second half of March has us  kicking off semester 1 with a tonne of awesome events at RMIT and in Melbourne!! The new RMIT Activator is launching their introduction series with Lean Canvas, Ideation & Market Validation, and Pitching Self workshops, while the team at LawSquared & partners are offering 2on1 sessions for those with ventures to get Law & Marketing, Law & Collaboration, and Law & R&D advice sessions. 

If it is all feeling overwhelming, get along to the Networking for Introverts session to learn some tools for dealing with social situations, and put them to use meeting new people with the student run progressive dinner event, and a laugh at the comedy festival at the end of the month. 

Book now to snap up a free ticket to an evening hosted by our friends at CAINZ RMIT and get an entrepreneur's eye view of the joy and challenges of 'The Startup Journey' through the voices of Melbourne Entrepreneurs; Marc Harrison: Listium, Andres Santiago: Jump!, Nathan Sampimon: Inspire9

Whichever path you choose on your entrepreneurial journey in March, we hope you find your treasure. 

MARCH Events

*Most RMIT entrepreneurship events are open to students, staff and alumni. Please check you are eligible to attend.  

** All events are free unless otherwise stated - $