A Venture Capitalist gave me their business card!

By Nanik Dershaye

You never know who you’ll bump into!

After an exhausting week of meetings in Singapore, I stood at the taxi rank dreaming of my bed awaiting me after the 8 hour flight ahead, and cursing the taxis that had been idle all week and now when I needed them, had deserted the taxi rank.

I finally reached the cab at the front of the line, and at the mention of my airport destination, the driver muttered “no, sorry no’ before speeding off. Turning to the person behind me, I laughed it off and said ‘the least he could have done was ask you where you were going! I’m from Melbourne and if I had asked a taxi driver to take me to the airport, I would’ve been dragged into the car”.

The international language of taxi drivers opened the door to conversation, and before we know it we are chatting easily. Seeing a taxi approach, he hands me his business card and I reach into my pocket and exhale as I retrieve my last card! Phew.

I look down and read the details, OMG! The CEO of a Silicon Valley Venture Capital fund has my business card!

The cab pulls up and we say goodbye, and as I head towards the airport I realise that standing at the rank we were only 100m from an elevator! Would I have been ready to make my pitch?

Maybe –and maybe I did, after all, Investors invest in people.

When I landed in Melbourne I turned on my phone to find a waiting LinkedIn request and a new bounce in my step. Time to hustle.

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Nanik Dershaye is an RMIT Bachelor of Business (Marketing) graduate and committee member of the RMIT Entrepreneurship Association, currently building her entrepreneurial capacity and networks.