Take on start-ups: Industry night (Re-cap)

The collaborative event with RMIT’s management and international business association, Take on Start- ups: Industry night was a great success. The speakers of the night, Madeleine from Little Dreamers, Jayden from Simplifi and Sam and Alfonso from Hobspot shared their experiences with their current start-ups and their entrepreneurial journeys. 

Although they all had different journeys they all touched on three aspects of entrepreneurship; passion, action and time management.

Passion for your start-up and your ‘why?’ factor is integral when pursuing in your idea. All the founders expressed that passion is one of the main motivators that helped them overcome their tough times during their venture. When passion comes into play anything is possible and through passion you are able to win the hearts of customers, potential employees and investors. 


Not taking action is one of the main inhibitors of great ideas taking flight. Everybody has great ideas, but taking action is the next step and one of the main steps that the majority of people do not take. The founders encouraged their audience to develop their ideas and determine its feasibility rather than think about their idea and give up. It’s scary, but take the risk and you never know where the idea will take you!

When working on your start-up, get ready to meet your best-friend, time management. It’s essential to ensure that you prioritise your tasks as there is only so many hours in one day. Many complain about not having enough time, but when you have a start-up you need to make time. There’s a likelihood that you will heavily neglect certain aspects of your wellbeing. However, keep in mind that your health, relationships, commitments, hobbies, sleep, exercise and all components that ensure you have a healthy well being is all very important. One must be able to manage their own life, if they want to manage their own business.

There you have it, three things that you need to consider when you have a start-up. 

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